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The September's WebHack is all about the fabulous web frontend: The utility-first CSS framework TailwindCSS and the animation on Reactjs!

WebHack #26

Before the event, we have great articles hand-picked by our speakers and our editors. Wondering what utility-first CSS is? Feeling not comfortable on animation? Here's the answer, let’s check it out!

Utility-First from TailwindCSS

TailwindCSS's document depicts the idea of the utility-first CSS, a.k.a Atomic CSS architecture to you. This article is a very straightforward yet thorough explanation of the utility-first CSS.

Utility classes vs. inline styles

Once you learned the utility-first CSS, first thing came up in your mind, same as all other developers, must be: what's the difference between utility-first and inline style? This article is the best response!

Animating Layouts with the FLIP Technique

Doing a pixel-perfect animation is easy! From the basic idea of animation to a handy JS package, David Khourshid brings the comprehensive guide of animation to you!  

Make your web app feel native

Web apps are notorious for their non-native-like experience, but not anymore. Gavyn McKenzie use React Router alongside with a simple package and some CSS tricks, to make the transition smooth and native-like!

Still want to learn more? Let's meet in the WebHack #26 at Sep.11!