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This month, WebHack brings you a comprehensive guideline, to be an effective engineer 💻. It's not just about Open Source Software (OSS), it's all you need to know in your daily work.

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Code Quality

KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid) - A Design Principle

KISS is a design principle, which could be adapted to many engineering areas, including the software engineer. It might look intuitive at first glance, but you'll find it's challenging to achieve. Check out the introduction to KISS by the Interaction Design Foundation. 📖


Private methods are a code smell

Taking about the private method, intuitively, we often take less emphasis on it, as it's "private." But have you ever thought that having a private method might indicate a violation of the single responsibility principle? Let Alexis Reigel tell you what's the issue, and how to avoid it. 👃


Team Work

Code Review Developer Guide (from Google)

It's crucial to know your enemy, right? Okay, your reviewers are not your enemy at all 🤣. But before you contribute your code to any project, you might want to know how the review works typically. This article sheds some light on the art of code review and plots a better society of engineers, go for it! 🏰


Rust RFCs

Request For Comment (RFC) is a process that helps the open source community makes better decisions, but it's also insightful to teamwork.  Rust brings one of the excellent RFC guidelines. In this guideline, it clearly and comprehensively defines the format, the process, and the review of RFCs. Check it out to see any process that could be improved in your team!   💪


Open Source Community

The Internet Was Built on the Free Labor of Open Source Developers. Is That Sustainable?

Open Source Software is definitely more than just being open-source or being free.  Daniel Oberhaus thoroughly raises debates on OSS, depicts a brief controversy history of Open Source Community. I would just say, don't take it for granted! 💦


What it feels like to be an open-source maintainer

If what the article above described, the debate on the whole community, sounds too unrealistic, we believe this article will make you feel the same. By listing his personal experience, Nolan Lawson brings out the same issue of open source community, in a different aspect.