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Should I try the Pair Programming?

Why I’m not a fan of pair programming

The debate of the pair programming would never stop. Instead of criticizing, Edaqa Mortoray attempts to address the difficulties of practicing the pair programming, while showing the great benefit of it. Before jumping into the pair programming, check this great article first!

Tuple's Pair Programming Guide

From articles, audios, to videos, this guide might be the most comprehensive guide to pair programming! Tuple makes a well-organized website aiming at helping you to become a thoughtful pair programmer.

Pair Programming vs. Code Reviews

You might have been practicing code review for a long while, but haven't tried pair programming before. Then you should definitely check this article out. Jeff Atwood brings out the advantage of the pair programming, by comparing pari programming with well-know code review.  

When it comes to scaling teams

What Google Taught Me About Scaling Engineering Teams

Be impactful as an engineer is never trivial. Some good points on how we can make good use of our time to be more efficient and effective are stated in this article by Edmond Lau.

Six Reasons Why iOS 13 and Catalina Are So Buggy

Scaling up a team will never be an easy task, especially for a big company like Apple. In this article, David Shayer shares his thought about the scale-up failure of Apple. You might want to avoid those fallacies before growing up your team!