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The pilot issue has four hand-picked, high-quality articles from Ryan Cohen and Yifan, speakers of this month’s WebHack Meetup. As a warm-up to WebHack #25, this issue includes all you need to learn about GraphQL and Cypress! 👍

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Introduction to GraphQL | GraphQL

We believe that when we start to learn something new, we normally don’t check the official manual. But this is not the case of GraphQL. GraphQL official programming guide is definitely the best fit for the beginners: clear example, step-by-step instruction, and well-structured tutorials.

How Airbnb is Moving 10x Faster at Scale with GraphQL and Apollo

Still hesitating to jump into GraphQL? Now we have solid proof from Airbnb. In this article, Adam Neary shares the workflow that Airbnb is using for adapting GraphQL, the fruity toolchains of GraphQL and Apollo, and how to combine them all into your reactjs development process 🛠️. This article is not just about the endorsement of GraphQL, but also more practical examples, which makes the GraphQL workflow clearer than ever.

Introduction to Cypress

If you’re not familiar with Cypress, no worries, as the headline of the official document says: Cypress Is Simple! The official document gives you a bunch of Cypress examples, alongside with the Cypress syntax and use cases. By thoroughly listing all features Cypress has and carefully pointing out the misunderstanding you might have, this official document definitely stand for the best Cypress document for the newcomer to Cypress!

End-to-End Testing Web Apps: The Painless Way - mtlynch.io

Integrating tests to your workflow is always painful, isn’t it? Thanks Michael Lynch, we have the most comprehensive guild to rescue! Starting with a simple project, the article tells you how to set up the integration test workflow step-by-step. The best part is that, with the help of the Docker Compose, your workflow will be seamlessly reusable, with no annoying dependencies! 🤖

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